About the Campbell River Mapping Culture Project

LogoforHomepageThe Campbell River Mapping Culture Project consists of a series of arts based community initiatives linked through a common exploration of ‘mapping’.  The projects collectively attempt to reveal a sense of person and place.  When viewed as a whole, the dynamic range of ‘who we are’ and ‘where we are’ becomes a complex tapestry that weaves together our individual stories. The Project asks ‘What is a map?’  Maps are generally viewed as denoting geographical locations, yet we also use the term to describe our body (Body Mapping), our psychological states (Mind Maps) or our memories (Memory Maps).  If we extend the idea of ‘location’ to include much more than simply a geographic ‘place’, then we understand that ‘places’ can be also mapped through the lived experiences, emotions, remembrances, ceremonies, beliefs, activities and stories of the people who inhabit or travel through a place. In a sense, this is what the arts do – they are a record or a ‘map’ of ourselves.

We are asking a series of questions: What is mapped in taking a person’s portrait? What does spoken word or text reveal about people in a place?  What is culture?  What is place?  How do we record ourselves in these places?  How do we leave our mark?  What does mark making reveal about ourselves as a community?

When viewed together, the answers to these questions will create a map that not only shows us where and who we are, but also will highlight the routes we can take to arrive at where we decide we want to go.

This Mapping Project is an initiative of the Campbell River Arts Council, in partnership with the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development.  Funded through the BC Creative Communities program, the Mapping Project aims to create arts-driven opportunities for artists to engage with our community in an attempt to creatively ‘map’ who and where we are collectively. Through ‘mapping’ the terrain of the cultural landscape, the Cultural Mapping Project hopes to provide a cultural snapshot of the ongoing story of Campbell River.